Seiko is the most trusted watch brand well entrenched in the hearts of South Africans, known for its superior technology, design and absolute reliability, and passed on from generation to generation as a precious timepiece.
With the production of Japan’s first wristwatch, the 1913 Laurel, Seiko’s founder, Kintaro Hattori realized one of the most important goals in his dream of making Seiko into a company that would be “Always one step ahead of the rest.” His vision has guided Seiko ever since, through more than a century of innovation and constant commitment to improve the precision, utility and beauty of its timepieces.
Today, nearly 140 years after the creation of the company, Seiko proudly offers a collection of timepieces that are as true as ever to the founder’s vision but that also enrich the lives and lift the spirits of those who wear them. For Seiko, time is mankind’s greatest and most precious asset. It is to be savoured and enjoyed so, in the warmth of their design and in the relevance of their functionality, Seiko’s timepieces offer a new level of both practical and emotional satisfaction. The new dimension to Seiko is inspired by the idea that Seiko is, and always will be, “Moving Ahead. Touching Hearts.”